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Depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD — in these times people need better options for treatment. Breakthrough scientific research shows that psilocybin therapy, provided in licensed settings by trained facilitators, can help. That’s why therapeutic experts trying to bring IP 34 to the ballot. To qualify we need 145,000 signatures — we’ve already gathered 128,667, but in these final months, we need your help to get to our goal!

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“The evidence is clear: psilocybin therapy is a safe and effective intervention for people suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma. Because the effectiveness of psilocybin therapy relies heavily on a trained therapist/facilitator, it is of utmost importance that Oregonians have access to this therapy within a thoughtfully regulated system. IP 34 achieves the goals of providing a safe and effective therapy within an appropriate regulatory context.”

Adie Rae, Neuroscientist, PhD

“As a combat veteran with severe PTSD, I have been struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and depression for over 50 years. Recently I discovered psilocybin therapy as a treatment for these issues and it’s changed my life and my outlook. Utilizing psilocybin as a medicine is about recovering from the trauma of my past, pure and simple. Our veterans deserve access to psilocybin therapy — I know it’s an option that will work for so many.”

Harold Maier, Combat Veteran

“As a clinician, I want to know exactly how a medicine works. Taking a close look at psilocybin within a therapeutic context revealed that it’s working at a cellular level to assist people suffering from treatment resistant depression, PTSD, and Parkinson’s, just to name a few. With the current opioid epidemic creating more problems than it’s solving, and research showing psilocybin therapy has breakthrough results, I welcome psilocybin as a new, safe treatment option. Oregonians are suffering enough, let’s give them new tools like psilocybin that really work.”

Dr. Janice Knox, M.D, MBA

About the measure:

IP 34 gives those suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma a new treatment option by creating a licensed and supervised psilocybin-assisted therapy system. Rigorous studies at leading medical research institutions such as Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and NYU show that psilocybin therapy is uniquely effective in treating depression, anxiety, trauma like PTSD, and addiction. This promising research has prompted experts in Oregon to advance IP 34 for the November ballot — IP 34 will create a licensed psilocybin therapy program so Oregonians in need have the best treatment options available.